thedailyknicker:What Katie Did leather ‘Sophia’ corset and…


What Katie Did leather ‘Sophia’ corset and ‘Maitresse’ panties. Secret- I actually own a lot more corsets than I’ve featured here on TDK. They were sort of a gateway drug for me in my late teens as I shifted my taste from mid-range to luxury lingerie. And yes, I used to be a bit of a goth, before my tastes turned a more vintage pin-up, but corsets feature largely in both those subcultures. Being moi, of course I had to go all out. If I was going to wear a corset, I wanted it heavy, steel-boned and seriously reductive. I didn’t dabble in ‘off-the-rack’s or plastic boning. WKD’s ‘Sophia’ is one of the best I’ve purchased, largely due to the soft leather and the way it moulds to the body. It feels like a tight, constricting hug from a very strong person (a sexy feeling, I’ll admit). It is comfortable, gives me incredible posture and awareness of my body and the silhouette sits somewhere between serious and not-too-scary. It makes a statement, but it doesn’t freak people out like a few of my others or some I’ve worn for couture designers before (the smallest anyone has cinched me was Alex Perry- who got my 26″ waist down to 20″- quite a sight when at the same time you’re wearing heels that make you 6′4!). This piece really is quite weighty, due to the combination of the steel boning and leather. Six durable metal garter straps ensure fully-fashioned silk stockings don’t move. Due to the sheer strength of it I can also cinch quite a lot in ‘Sophia’- it is a size “22 and I can get it closed if i try. I need to wear this more. I pair it with a variety of black briefs but here I have done so with the WKD briefs that match my ‘Maitresse’ bra, also by the label. I’ve also worn it as outerwear many times. If you’re going to buy a leather corset, make it this one.