thedailyknicker: Carole Malony Haute bra and brief. Straight up…


Carole Malony Haute bra and brief. Straight up I’m going to tell you the worst and only bad part about this set. It’s not mine. Even saying those words upsets me. I wish it was, but it was lent to me by a friend who knows fringing is my favorite detail in lingerie! There’s something about the movement, said movement’s associated sensuality, the frivolity and the nod to classic showgirls and the old musical movies my grandmother raised me on, that just ticks every box for me. I’m also fond of fringing detail in outerwear and have made many a social appearances in flapper-esque dresses! There really is NOTHING better to dance in. So my gorgeous friend allowed me to have a couple of weeks prancing in this flawless design by the (sadly no longer) Carole Malony ‘Haute’ line. It fits perfectly. It feels lovely. The base is sheer mesh, the fringe is silky and good quality, the crystal trim is neither tacky nor OTT- just right. There is enough quirk with the addition of the shoulder and back straps being soft pale pink leather to edge it away from saccharine. A dream of a set, a flawless design, one of the most fun and mood-boosting things I have ever put on my body. Yes, I’m still wearing it, shimmying around the house with a huge smile on my face ‘shazam!’-ing sass from my fingertips. 

Carole Malony Haute no longer exists but I found some similar sets HERE


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