Quick Reminder:

Quick Reminder::


If you have a certain price point in mind for your asks, please include that price point. Words like “cheap,” “inexpensive,” “affordable,” or “won’t break the bank” aren’t helpful because I have no idea what that means to you.

Similarly, if you’re looking for lingerie in a particular size, please share that size. Saying you’re “petite,” “thin,” “curvy,” or “about the same size as [insert celebrity here]” aren’t very helpful descriptors when it comes to making recommendations.

Lastly, it may sound overly simple, but Google is great for basic inquiries like who carries bras in your size (just type your size into the search bar) or who sells stockings. There’s no shame in using the tools already at your disposal. And remember that you can always check the archives of my main site, thelingerieaddict.com, as well.

Adding to this, I also don’t know where you live. Asking what’s “near you” without sharing what “near you” means is not helpful. And unless you live in a major metropolitan area or are wanting more information on very well-known boutique, I likely won’t be more helpful than a Google search anyway. I know a lot about lingerie, but I don’t know the intricacies of every neighborhood across the globe.