Hi! I’m having a difficult time finding a bra to wear under my wedding dress. It’s in 2 months, and I can’t find any emerald/forest green bras in my size. I wear a 38G uk and I live in the US. The Curvy Kate Tease Me is my first choice, but I can’t find any that are even close to my size. Under $50 would be ideal, but under $80 is ok. I ordered a Freya deco in jade, but I have a feeling it’s going to be more blue than green.

I’m not seeing a lot of forest greens this season. There’s a ton of peacock and teal (namely from Panache, Claudette, and Fantasie), but none of those are under $50. You may want to try searching eBay for emerald green bras from previous seasons, or buy a bra you like in white and custom dye it yourself.

Edit: Also check with Secrets For Your Sister. I know one of the women that works there loves green bras. So she may have a suggestion.