Even if I wear bras that are in my correct size or even in my sistersize, the bands and straps really hurt me. I’ve checked multiple times if I wore the wrong size, but I didn’t. Do you have this problem too?

I don’t, but I would if I wore the “correct size” most bra fit experts would put me in.

Your correct size is the one that feels good on you. I know that’s scandalous because people are really invested in the idea of one, true, objective, correct bra size that’s the same no matter what, but that’s not how bodies work. If the size you’re wearing right now hurts you, then it’s okay to try other sizes. You’re not “doing it wrong” if you need something different. Comfort matters most.

I’d check in with a bra expert I trust like Erica from A Sophisticated Pair or Claire from Butterfly Collection. Talk about the concerns you’re having with them (being as detailed as possible), and see what they recommend.  As I just mentioned in another ask, there’s a lot that goes into your best bra fit. Everything from the size of your ribs to the size your muscles to the placement of your breasts to your personal tolerance for skin irritation and discomfort.

There’s also a lot of room for experimentation beyond size. Different brands make bras differently; so if one style or company is a poor fit, another one may work better. But the first thing I’d do is get in touch with someone who can specifically talk with you about the type of pain you’re experiencing from your bras and make suggestions based on that.